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Buy Alprazolam Online India

  • Ref: A1382
  • Type: Terraced House
  • Availability: Sold
  • Bedrooms: 2
  • Bathrooms: 1
  • Reception Rooms: 2
  • Parking: On Road Parking
  • Outside Space: Garden Forecourt, Rear Yard
  • Tenure: Leasehold

Property Features

  • Two Bedrooms
  • Spacious Lounge
  • Dining Room
  • Fitted Kitchen
  • Gas Central Heating / Double Glazing
  • First Floor Bathroom
  • Garden Forecourt
  • Rear Yard
  • No Chain

Property Summary

A two bedroom mid-terrace property located in this popular area of Burnley which has recently undergone some modernisation work. Comprising also of a spacious lounge, dining room, fitted kitchen and first floor bathroom suite. The property also benefits from gas central heating, double glazing, garden forecourt and rear yard.


Full Details

Entrance Hall (2.93m x 0.99m (9ft 7” x 3ft 2”))
Carpeted flooring

Central heating radiator

Lounge (3.42m x 2.99m (11ft 2” x 9ft 9”))
Double glazed window to the front of the property

Carpeted flooring

Wood and marble fireplace with electric fire

Coving to ceiling

TV point

Dining Room (4.26m x 4.07m (13ft 11” x 13ft 4”))
Double glazed window to the rear of the property

Wooden flooring

Central heating radiator

TV & telephone points

Under stairs storage cupboard

Kitchen (2.55m x 1.85m (8ft 4” x 6ft 0”))
Double glazed frosted window to the side of the property

Fitted wall and base units

Laminate work surfaces

1 ½ full bowl moulded resin sink unit

Integrated AEG electric oven, gas hob and microwave

Plumbing for automatic washing machine

Integrated fridge

Extractor fan

Bedroom One (4.10m x 3.42m (13ft 5” x 11ft 2”))
Double glazed window to the front of the property

Carpeted flooring

Central heating radiator

Bedroom Two (5.25m x 2.11m (17ft 2” x 6ft 11”))
Double glazed window to the rear of the property

Carpeted flooring

Central heating radiator

Fitted cupboards

Bathroom (3.00m x 1.90m (9ft 9” x 6ft 2”))
Double glazed frosted window to the rear of the property

Panelled bath with shower over

Pedestal hand wash basin and low level w.c.

Wooden flooring

Central heating radiator and boiler

Storage cupboard

Tiling in splash back areas

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