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  • Type: Link Detached House
  • Availability: For Sale
  • Bedrooms: 2
  • Bathrooms: 1
  • Reception Rooms: 1
  • Parking: Driveway, Off Road Parking, Private
  • Outside Space: Garden Forecourt, Side Garden
  • Tenure: Leasehold

Property Features

  • Two Bedrooms
  • Spacious Lounge Diner
  • Fitted Kitchen
  • Family Bathroom
  • Gas Central Heating / Double Glazing
  • Private Parking
  • Garden Forecourt
  • Side Garden
  • Desirable Location

Property Summary

An extremely well presented two bedroom end-terrace with patio and private parking in the village of Cliviger. The property has been extensively modernised and consists of open plan living. Open views to the front and side make this property highly desirable.

The property consists of two bedrooms, four piece bathroom suite, open plan living and dining area, fitted kitchen, cellar rooms, garden forecourt, side patio and off road parking.

Located near to local shopping facilities, infant/junior schools, and bus routes to Burnley town centre. The property is only a few minutes drive away from access to M65 motorway providing ideal commuting distance throughout the North West.

Full Details

Open Plan Living Lounge Area (4.17m x 4.16m (13ft 8” x 13ft 7”))
Double glazed windows to the side of the property

Solid wood flooring

Feature fireplace with multi fuel stove

TV point

Under stairs storage cupboard

Dining Area (4.77m x 3.07m (15ft 7” x 10ft 0”))
Triple glazed window to the front of the property

Solid wood flooring

Central heating radiator

Telephone point

Kitchen (4.44m x 3.71m (14ft 6” x 12ft 2”))
Double glazed window to the rear of the property

Velux window to the rear of the property

Fitted wall and base units

Laminate work surfaces

1 ½ full bowl stainless steel sink unit

‘Flavel’ dual fuel range cooker

Stainless steel cooker hood

Integrated dishwasher

Plumbing for automatic washing machine and tumble dryer

Tiling in splash back areas

Vinyl flooring

Bedroom One (3.62m x 3.16m (11ft 10” x 10ft 4”))
Triple glazed window to the front of the property

Carpeted flooring

Built in wardrobe

Central heating radiator

Bedroom Two (4.22m x 2.24m (13ft 10” x 7ft 4”))
Double glazed window to the rear of the property

Carpeted flooring

Central heating radiator

Bathroom (4.17m x 1.84m (13ft 8” x 6ft 0”))
Double glazed frosted window to the rear of the property

Chromatherapy Wellness Spa bath

Frameless shower cubicle

Pedestal hand wash basin and low level w.c.

Tiled walls

Vinyl flooring

Towel radiator

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