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The Distance Selling Regulations generally grant a consumer the right to cancel a contract within seven days and return the goods to the supplier. This is not the same when services are supplied.

Services supplied by Falcon & Foxglove are provided shortly following the placing of your order, commencing usually with a Market Appraisal of the property to be sold.

Until our agent has visited the property you may cancel your order and all monies will be refunded in full.

Once our agent has visited your property and we have commenced the design or supply of services, including the Market Appraisal you will not have a legal right to cancel or request a refund.

For those services (e.g. aerial photography & video) where there may be legal or technical reasons that we cannot fulfill your order we shall refund your service purchase in full.

All orders placed are subject to acceptance by Falcon & Foxglove and will not result in a binding contract unless accepted by us.

Should you currently be using the services of another agent but would appreciate some of our services such as Aerial Photography or Video as a ‘bolt on’ to their marketing portfolio we shall be pleased to help