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Buy Valium Suppositories

  • Ref: A1344
  • Type: Detached House
  • Availability: Sold STC
  • Bedrooms: 4
  • Bathrooms: 2
  • Reception Rooms: 2
  • Parking: Driveway, Off Road Parking
  • Outside Space: Front Garden, Rear Garden
  • Tenure: Leasehold

Property Features

  • Four Bedrooms
  • Spacious Lounge
  • Dining Room
  • Fitted Kitchen
  • Family Bathroom
  • En-Suite Shower Room
  • Front & Rear Gardens
  • Private Drive
  • Desirable Location

Property Summary

Built in 2014 is this four bedroom detached property close to the General Hospital. Comprising also of a spacious lounge, dining room, fitted kitchen, cloakroom, en-suite shower room and family bathroom. The property also benefits from double glazing, gas central heating, driveway, detached garage, front & rear gardens.

Located near to local shopping facilities, infant/junior schools, and bus routes to the town centre. The property is only a few minutes drive away from access to M65 motorway providing ideal commuting distance throughout the North West.


Full Details

Lounge (5.54m x 3.35m (18ft 1” x 10ft 11”))
Double glazed French Doors and windows to the rear of the property

Double glazed window to the side of the property

Carpeted flooring

Two central heating radiators

TV point

Dining Room (3.94m x 2.56m (12ft 11” x 8ft 4”))
Double glazed window to the front of the property

Carpeted flooring

Central heating radiator

Under stairs storage cupboard

Kitchen (3.57m x 2.64m (11ft 8” x 8ft 8”))
Double glazed window to the rear of the property

Fitted wall and base units

Laminate work surfaces

Integrated double electric oven and gas hob with stainless steel cooker hood over

Stainless steel sink unit

Plumbing for automatic washing machine

Central heating radiator

Double glazed frosted window to the front of the property

Vinyl flooring

Pedestal hand wash basin and low level w.c.

Carpeted flooring

Central heating radiator

Airing cupboard

Bedroom One (3.92m x 3.41m (12ft 10” x 11ft 2”))
Double glazed window to the front of the property

Carpeted flooring

Fitted wardrobes

Central heating radiator

TV point

En-Suite (1.99m x 1.86m (6ft 6” x 6ft 0”))
Double glazed frosted window to the front of the property

Vinyl flooring

Shower cubicle

Pedestal hand wash basin and low level w.c.

Central heating radiator

Bedroom Two (3.92m x 2.56m (12ft 10” x 8ft 4”))
Double glazed window to the front of the property

Carpeted flooring

Central heating radiator

Storage cupboard built in

TV point

Bedroom Three (2.73m x 2.56m (8ft 11” x 8ft 4”))
Double glazed window to the rear of the property

Carpeted flooring

Central heating radiator

TV Point

Bedroom Four (2.73m x 2.25m (8ft 11” x 7ft 4”))
Double glazed window to the rear of the property

Carpeted flooring

Central heating radiator

TV point

Bathroom (2.07m x 1.72m (6ft 9” x 5ft 7”))
Double glazed frosted window to the rear of the property

Vinyl flooring

Panelled bath with electric shower over

Pedestal hand wash basin and low level w.c.

Tiling in splash back areas

Central heating radiator

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